Ways to Protect Yourself

When dealing with any kind of paranormal entities, you want to protect yourself. These methods focus on a Christian, safe approach.

Prayer to Michael the Archangel

Michael the Archangel is the head of God's army and protector of military and police. He's the fighting angel, one of heaven's best warriors. He is not omnipresent, but he does check in on those who ask him. Angels are on a different plane of existence than demons, so if you hear or see the demons, they won't know if and when Michael will come. Neither will the angelic like deities of the World. He can't slay them like he once did because of that, but he can offer all the protection of heaven, intervene in manners consistent with the way of things, and help protect your actual soul, even if your body is experiencing issues.

Here's a good prayer for him (though you don't have to use this one):

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the Power of God, cast into hell, Satan and all the evil spirits, who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen

The Jesus Prayer of the Desert Monks

Catholicism claims this prayer is a direct line to Jesus, like a séance or Ouija but without demons. In my experience, this prayer has changed my life.

This prayer is also one of the best forms of Protection because it allows Jesus to tell you what you can do specifically. Repeat this prayer a few times at a time and keep your heart open for Christ to talk to you. It's not hard to memorize either so you can say it regularly.

The prayer:

Breathe in: Jesus, Son of the Living God,
Breathe out: Have mercy on me, a sinner.

Breathe in the Jesus. Breathe out the sin. Breathe in the light; breathe out the darkness. Breathe in love; breathe out the hate. Breathe in courage; breathe out the fear.

Shower in Holy Water

Remove your showerhead and go get it blessed by a priest, one who is a really good guy. Aim for the most righteous, and someone who has confessed recently, like a priest ready to take Communion.

While there, you can also get gallons of water blessed to put in a humidifier if you feel there's a lot of negative energy in your house. You can also obtain some Holy Water for future use, such as blessing rooms in your house or putting a dab on your forehead as you ask God to protect you. You can also confess your sins to a priest, or just ask God for forgiveness in prayer.

Water cleans the body. Holy water cleans the soul and protects. When demons try to take a soul, they draw doodles all over the soul with something like henna and proceed in an occult like practice. Also, when they are trying to make you sick, they cover your soul with a mud facial like poison that slowly, over time, gives you physical sickness. Holy water removes the henna and poison that regular water cannot.

Eviction Cleansing Prayer

This doesn't actually evict most demons, but it drains their power so that they can't hurt you as much. I generally just play the video all night long while I sleep.

Brother Carlos's Prayer


An important component to strengthen your power is to ask God for forgiveness for your sins. In Catholicism, one should not take Communion until after confession. This is like that concept, but beyond Catholicism beliefs in Confession. You don't have to confess to a priest to reconcile your sins with God. You can just pray, but the process is important to Spiritual Power and strengthening your internal light.

You definitely want to do this before attempting anything spiritual, whether you are hoping a prayer will help you, or whether you attempt smothering.

Confess all things you feel are a sin, and be honest about it. If you are going to do it again, ask God now to forgive you for that. If you think it's not a sin, but are told it is, tell God you don't think it is a sin and why it shouldn't be a sin. Remember, real sin is an action of the heart, not the flesh. This is why the 7 deadly sins are centered around emotions, and you should focus on the 7 deadly sins in your quest for forgiveness: Hubristic pride, greed, lust, malicious envy, gluttony, uncontrolled anger, and sloth. Also, aim for things that revolve around dark concepts like hate, ego and judgment.


This method is more Native American and Shaman than Christian, but it's a safe practice as far as I'm aware. It's also a common practice for the average day ghost buster. I put a Christian twist to it.

Step 1: Do your Reconciliation Prayer

As I mentioned above, reconciliation is a very powerful thing to help strengthen your spirit. The more pure you are, the closer you are to God.

Step 2: Take a bushel of sage (cedar will keep good spirits), and burn it. You want to get it smoldering releasing smoke. It might take a second depending on the type of sage and how dry it is.

Step 3: Some people claim you open doors and windows now, and some people claim that happens after you smoke your house. I wait until after, but you could probably open a window a crack. The thing is that the sage either absorbs or pushes negative energy, and you want to make sure the entire house is smoked at once otherwise your entities will dance around the smoke. But leaving a window cracked gives them a chance to leave early.

Step 4: Wave that smoky sage around the house filling the house with smoke. Go along all the lines of walls, ceilings, corners, along window and doorways. I do both sides of doors that are within the house. Get in the closets and showers. Do not leave a corner untouched. While you are doing this, pray to God for protection: protection against evil, protection against the demons, protection against negative energies all together. Pray for safety of the family. Pray for all the things you hope to accomplish. Pray it in Christ's name, and repeat the same prayer or a similar one while you smoke the house.

Step 5: When finished smoking the house, open all the doors and windows and let the smoke clear the house. As the smoke clears, so do the negative energies.

Step 6: Then you want to bless the house. Most people use salt in this process, but Holy Water does the same thing. Go to each room and ask God to bless your house as you sprinkle Holy Water. I keep some in a spray bottle, so you can spray the rooms like Febreeze if you go that route. Don't forget to bless either in Christ's name or the Trinity.

Step 7: The problem with cleansing a house is the spirits can come back, and that usually takes 3 days. So to make sure they don't return, many Shamans suggest lining your windows ledges with brick dust. I wouldn't do it if you think you have a portal in your house as you may lock entities within.

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