What are Demons?

This has gotten some views before I could write it... I suppose I'll just write my thoughts right now so something is here. I suck at organizing information, so bear with me as this will be streams of consciousness...

We are in a multiverse, but the physical, living earth (reality as you know it) is a special realm. It's the only place where we can reproduce (hence, why the Bible is pro-creation). It's the only place where we get to choose between God and The World (so far).

When you die, you will go where you are supposed to go. If you follow Christ, you get to go with Him. No matter what. But in order to "follow" Christ, one has to FOLLOW, like it's more than just saying, "I'm with Him." You have to try to align your heart with that of His. He has to be able to recognize you without your face, and you Him. The rest will face judgment from principalities who decide the world you belong in based on your evil scale. This world's sole existence is based on a balance of good and evil (only God knows how to create a world that doesn't require that balance). In that balance, it's important they put people in the right place, but beware, you are a second class citizen in comparison to the angels, and your sole purpose will be to serve some master in some way. For the most part, they just draw energy from you while you live a life similar to what you live on earth, with the world getting more ghetto the more evil you are, but there are worlds where you would easily mistake them for heaven.

Heaven is on a plane of existence in a completely different time and space than here. But the rest of the world exists as layers in time and space overlaying the world we are in, the living earth. This is why we have ghosts, and why many seem to be from a different time.

With space, it's like hell is very low frequency. In the lowest realms of hell, not even the Devil can walk from the gravity. He has to be a snake just to move around. The more "good" worlds are a very high frequency. These are the ones most psychics mistake as gods and angels. And most angelic encounters on earth come from these worlds. They are still partially fallen, and frequently, very self righteous, but they do have good hearts when they want to, just like you and I.

Our realm does not exist at all in their time and space, but there are realms that are close enough to ours to create anomalies, and often, we have portals within us that allow these spirits to enter.

So the "ghosts" we see are dead people from these worlds. Or angels. Some beasts.

Now when it comes to demons, people will tell you on fantasy and psychic fantasy sites all the types of demons. Well, it's bullshit. Demons don't even speak English. Their language sounds like Harry Potter's Parcel Tongue. Creepiest thing ever to hear people speak that language, like the language itself sets a heavy fucking burden on your heart. The only word I know in the most ancient version of that language, so ancient, most demons don't realize this, is Sy Tan. I have no idea how it's truly spelled but it sounds like Sy Tan which means 3 sixes. Now a days, many in hell use "Satan" in place of Sultan, or King, but the real beast is named Sy Tan. He has big arms. So cuddly. If he's not eating you.

I know I sound crazy as a Christian to say things like that, but I'll get to that later. But I am loyal to my God through and through, but I do have a soft spot for hell.

So what are demons?

The truest answer I can ever give you...

They are anyone you want them to be.

That's the thing. To Christians, we get to see their true form. Kind of scary monsters. Some cameras also pick up their true forms. But in hell, they look like normal human beings to each other. Even the fallen angels look humanoid and only spread their wings when necessary.

But for the most part, you don't get to see them. You only hear and feel them, and they thrive on taking a partial knowledge from you and twist it into a new form, a darker form.

For instance, if you for one second feel fat and ugly, they will not only scream how fat and ugly you are on repeat in the background (you can't hear them, but if they say it loud and repetitive enough, you will feel it), but they also whisper in your ears how Sally is more beautiful than you and wants to sleep with your husband to invoke jealousy.

But they can't make you do anything you don't want to do.

When you see people shooting up the schools, I can promise you there is a demonic influence. But those people wanted to do that somewhere deep down. They don't wake up going, "I want to commit homicide today and be famous in the news tomorrow." But deep down, they are willing to kill your offspring to get power. That's the job of demons. To find out who is willing to do that, and to talk them into it. When they do, they are anyone you want them to be. The divine knowledge they give you is based on your imagination and fantasies.

Now in a more tangible sense, demons are souls who are in the lower regions with an evil culture to them. You can categorize these with any name you want, but there are several types of demons...

Fallen angels.

These guys have the same ranks the Bible and Catholic Religion offers us. They followed that rank and chain of command that they followed in heaven before their fall. This is why Helel is in charge of all of them (the closest thing we have to Lucifer's name, and I don't dare call him Lucifer anymore because he named his son that, which isn't really a son but a being created by Lucifer, and it confuses the fuck out of spirits).

They are very powerful, the higher ranks being more powerful than the lower ranks. Most of the world of judgment are partially fallen angels with the same rank structure, and because they can use "light" (which isn't true light, but something that looks like light to us), they are a little more powerful than those in hell. Helel isn't to be confused for someone less powerful because of hell. He has merged with enough spirits to rule The World any time he feels.

Don't be afraid of him either. One of three things is going to occur with him.

1. He wants to fuck your brains out. He has a sexual addiction.
2. He is going to torture the fuck out of you for betraying him. So don't betray him. You can be of God without betraying him just by being honest and keeping shit real.
3. He cares about humans more than he'll let the other fallen know, and he wants to find a place for you that feels better than hell, it doesn't matter if you're evil, if you suck as a human being, if you have no skills... he can find a place for you that's not as bad as life without him. Then you'll live like you would here.

Human Demons

There are two types of human demons.

1. Those who serve a master.

These guys have no choice. They do what their master told them to do. They don't have an option to rebel. Like they are puppets and truly have no free will whatsoever.

2. Those who are their own master.

Those who commit suicide claim themselves. You are your own master. Many demons recommend it because it sucks so bad if you don't. This is why it's a mortal sin. It's nothing to do with it being wrong. It's just the action of suicide means you claim yourself, and God can't claim you to take you into heaven. Many of these demons roam the plane near the earth.

Only thing is, humans have very little power over angels, so someone will claim you by force in time. But some demons who serve themselves will try to take you for power, and like Hollywood and YouTube, you have a chance to be a self-made power. Very slight chance.

I do also believe if enough people pray for those who committed suicide, or if one person prays enough, God will honor the prayer and try to take that soul from The World and act as the person's attorney in their judgment. It's not as sure of a thing as letting God decide your death, but it's not hopeless either.

Most human demons swear by now they can't feel pain, or that they like pain. Well, the thing is, with gravity (or a force like gravity) being heavier the lower you go, the more you feel pain. So by the time they get to the plane that co-exists with earth, they are feeling fucking happy for the relief.

The they liking pain is a lie. Don't believe it. Nobody likes pain.

But it's important to consider that these beings have endured more pain than one could imagine, and I personally think it warrants for some sympathy. Demons don't know compassion, so instead of looking at them as monsters haunting you, look at yourself as an angel haunting them. But with caution because these assholes will leech onto you and suck out the very life force. Keep a safe distance. The best way to do this is not to judge people or condemn people, or decide who is worthy of love and who is not. Show those demons that you can love a living person who is living the way they did that got them to hell, and you will show them love.

The Beasts

There are many beasts of many varieties in hell and the rest of the world. The Beast owns most of them, though I don't think he claims all of them. But the ones he owns, they roam, and he can be them anytime he pleases. Like switching souls for a second like a horrible 80's movie.

The beasts are probably my favorite of the worldly entities because they are instinctive, something angels are incapable of being, and it's the beast side of humans that makes us superior to those who think we are inferior. We are now hybrids of both sides, and the instinct of the beast is pure, and beautiful.

Like beasts don't bother themselves with an angel's flaw of darkness like envy, hate, jealousy. They just don't give a shit. If they kill, it's not out of revenge, but because you're a threat. Nothing more. And they know. We don't know how they know. They just know your soul. It's like how people say if my dog doesn't like you, I don't. It's because they know the dog just knows. That's how beasts are. They know your heart. They have no idea how they know. They don't care how they know. They just fucking know.

And with that, The Beast is instinctively attracted to incredible evil. He loves a pure heart, and would love to have a soul with a pure heart, but he only gets to piss on so many to claim, so he's incredibly particular. You have to prove you're pretty fucked up in the head to get his attention, but if you got it, he's the scariest thing you'll ever encounter.

The Devil

This is where I get confused as hell, and I'm sure the devil loves it. So Helel falls from grace. I imagine, and I could be wrong, but what i think happened, he fell into hell. He found a being there we call The Beast. He merged with The Beast, becoming one.

See that confuses the piss out of me. Become One. I'm not sure what it entails, but there's a "I am him, but he is not me" thing that happens a lot in the world.

But for the most part, the devil's primary goal is to look pretty, and live a normal life. He seemingly wants to destroy worlds along the way. He has many faces. And an incredibly sexy voice (I can see why God loved him that much and put him in charge of music).


These have personalities like humans, but they are parasitic in nature. They have a host. Someone claims these things, and that person, the host, gets to decide where they go and what they do. They are incredibly uncomfortable to have, like it feels like a wicked case of herpes, but from their perspective, they are living in houses talking on telephones living life (in someone's asshole). They love humans because of the heart. Human soul-flesh provides a warmth they can't get anywhere else. Like it's what makes them feel loved.

They are really sweet beings, but they are fucking parasites. You can't get rid of them. They drain your energy. They give their host access to all of your power and thoughts.

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