Demon Help is a website full of resources to help someone dealing with demons and other paranormal phenomenon. Whether you want protection from the demons, or you want to join them, I have some truth you can use along your journey. My goal is to give you the tools and knowledge to help combat negative energies. When they rest in peace, you can finally live in peace.

I am not really a psychic, but I am a medium. A new medium. This started for me in 2012. I can hear and feel spirits. It's very unusual for this sort of thing to happen to someone at such a late age. I was not meant for this at all. It just happened anyway. Now I'm using my free will to make it worth the pain by telling you what I've learned.

Destiny doesn't always work out like it's supposed to, just like any plan. This is why free will is a beautiful gift we should cherish and take seriously.

What makes me different than other psychics is I hear more worlds. Most psychics only hear what Jesus often referred to in the Bible as, "The World." That's the place of law, judgment, self-righteousness, and ruled by the god the Old Testament predominantly referred to as god. In that world, one has to use the occult to get by, such as Tarot, crystals, witchcraft, and so forth. Those gods try their best to protect their worlds, but they fear hell whereas the one true God does not.

Unlike most psychics, I hear both heaven and hell as well. I hear demons. The demons claim if I can hear them, especially their language, that I must be evil. That's bull shit. They often hit on actual frequencies our world picks up, most of the time, unintentionally. I also hear choirs of angels sing Glory to God in the Highest, and very rare does anyone get to hear God's Choir (God as the Creator, the Father of Christ, the One True God). So I perplex the spirits. They don't know if I'm good or evil, but the ones who see the real me within and see my heart know without a doubt that I'm good.

I am a Christian, but the path my faith has taken me makes me look very heathen at first glance. My free thought and focus on the spirit makes me a heathen in the eyes of the church, and this medium crap just takes it a few steps even further, but I pray all the time, and I follow what God tells me to do. I believe in everything Christ preached, and I do my best to follow His Teachings.

The church isn't 100% right, but they are perfectly right for what humans need to get into God's Kingdom.

When this first started, I was very scared and very alone. I sought help from ministers, priests, psychics and one demon worshiper gone Christian (he wanted real power), and the only few who replied did so very vaguely. I found some resources on the web, but none of them were actually that useful. Most people wanted you to buy their book, but I don't got time to pay for a bunch of books, wait for the shipping, and read through an entire book just to see if it will help me. So far, nobody seems to know how to help me.

I still navigated my way through the fire, and I want to be that resource I was looking for.

I have noticed an increase in people dealing with demons and "voices." Most people dealing with this are afraid to talk about it and seek help in fear they'll get labeled negatively. I mean it's social suicide to tell people you hear voices.

It seems to be most common in very creative individuals, autism with heightened senses, and those who are suffering from PTSD (most likely, the hyper vigilance).

Demons suck, but we all would if we shared their experiences.

I want to help those people desperately looking for guidance. I don't know all the answers, but I will tell you what I do know.



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